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Science Facts

Acid Rain

Acid Rain is a rain that comes from a big smoke or from air pollution. The main cause is from industries wastes, then it affects the water form acids. It could cause environmental harm, typically forests and lakes.

Usually the first one is the industrial waste affected the waters, and then the waters that affected by the wastes form a pollution clouds and then the acid water fall down, that is how acid rain happens.

It can cause environmental harm to the marine life, forests, and lakes, those are the most common impacts of Acid Rain.

Suggestions to avoid acid rain? Do not throw industrial wastes to the environment, especially the water.


Have you ever studied about science?

If you have ever studied or you want to study about it, i will tell you basic needs for science:

- Apparatus and the function

- What apparatus usually used

Apparatus and the function:

- Beakers 
Container used for reaction or to hold liquid / solid samples.

- Bunsen Burners

Used for sources of heat.

- Burets

Used for addition of a precise volume of liquid. The volume of liquid added can be determined to the nearest 12:01 mL with practice.

- Clay Triangles

Clay Triangles are placed on a ring attached to a ring stand as a support for a funnel, crucible, or evaporating dish.

- Droppers

Addition of liquid drop by drop.

- Erlenmeyer Flasks

Used to Contain reactions or to hold liquid samples. Also they are useful to catch filtrates.

- Glass Funnels

Used for funneling liquids from one container to another or for filtering when equipped with filter paper.

- Graduated Cylinders

Used for measurement of an amount of liquid. The volume of liquid can be estimated to the nearest 0.1 mL with practice.

- Hot Plates

Can also be used as sources of heat when an open flame is not desirable.

- Pipets

Used to Dispense small quantities of liquids.

- Ring Stand with Rings

Used for holding pieces of glassware in place.

- Test Tubes

Used for holding small samples or for containing reactions.

- Test Tube Holders

Used for holding a test tube carefully.

- Tongs

The use is the same like test tube holders, but useful for larger items.

- Volumetric Flasks

Used to measure precise volumes of liquids or to a make precise dilutions.

- Wash Bottles

Used for dispensing small quantities of distilled water.

- Watch Glasses

Used for holding small samples or for covering beakers or evaporating dishes.

- Wire Gauze

 On a ring supports beakers to be heated by a Bunsen burners.

- Balances

Used for Determining a mass of a reagent or object.

- Spectrophotometers

Used to measure the absorbance or transmittance of a liquid sample.

- Fume Hoods

Used to ventilate harmful gasses.

Mostly used apparatus:


Usually used to hold and measure the volume of a reaction of the sample.


Used for dropping liquids drop by drop.

Test Tubes

Used for holding a small sample.

Test Tube Holders

Used to hold a test tube carefully


To hold a big object carefully

Glass Funnels

Used to transfer a liquid from container to container.

Graduated Cylinders

For measuring an amount of liquid

Erlenmeyer Flasks

Used to hold or contain a liquid sample.

Sabtu, 14 November 2015

Math is fun

Math is fun

This website is only for those who want to know about math, please post feedbacks to help me post more topics of school topics.


There are 4 types algebra:





Let's talk about the addition in algebra.


Algebra can only be added with like terms

Like terms example: 5a and 4a
Unlike terms: 3x and 2v

Addition in algebra: 6a+5b+7a

Add the algebra with the like terms: 6a+7a = 13a

then: 13a+5b Done!

Answer this: 5a+45b+7s+23a= ?

Post your answer in your comment.

Let's move on to subtraction, the rule is the same with the addition, but only subtracting

Example: 89a-56b-34a
                = 123a-56b

Answer this: 230b - 34n +123b-45n= ?

Post your answer in your comment

Multiplication Algebra


Unlike addition and subtraction, it can be multiplied with like and unlike terms ( with different values coefficients).

Example: 15c X 3v = 45cv

If it is with the same coefficients, it would have power

Example: 15x X 3x = 45x2

Answer: 14c X 2b - 12b X 5v = ?

Post your answer in your comment

Division algebra

The rules is the same with multiplication, only division.

Example 22x : 2v = 11xv

If it is with the same coefficients, coefficients -1

Example: 45x : 15x = 3x

If it has a power, minus the power

Example: 15x2 : 3x= 5x

Senin, 28 September 2015

Why Learning English is important?

Why Learning English is important? Well, in every day of our life we have to speak English so we can teach English language, interact with other people from other nations, etc. What if we lived in other country? Or what if we go to other country? We have to speak English because it is the common international language so we can interact with other people even if the people is not American, or British. Because the most common international language is English, almost all nations use English as their every day language. Many people now speak english. So, if you have a job, you need to speak English so if one of the member is not from your country, you can interact with them. It is also important so we can watch movies, read books, listen to music, etc. We have to speak English well if we want to get a good job, and etc. So that are the important things of learning and speaking English.